Some Often You Read Books with Concentration IN Nagan Raya

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Function often reads books. Books are a part of our life. Of course, we all have read and often read books. A book is a group of tens or several hundred or even several thousand papers propped up together. Usually this pile of paper is bound into one book. The book has several dates in it, such as writing and pictures. Many say that “BOOK IS THE WINDOW OF THE WORLD”.

Books are a place to support development, because just reading books can increase knowledge. Most books can contain knowledge related to knowledge, natural knowledge, religious knowledge, legal knowledge, various types of knowledge that you can find in a book. How often do you read books with extracts? Kinds of Books You Might Know Novel Chances are you all understand the novel about.

Yes, novels are readings that are very popular with young people today. Because the content in a novel really has a very good story to read. And normally novels have several chapters, and each chapter has a different story and summary of the story. The average thickness of the novel is about a few hundred pages. Fairy tale For those of you who often hear fairy tales.

Fairy tales usually have the characteristics of stories that they make themselves and generally those who buy are children as storytellers. Usually this story is read to children so they know the tricks to tell happy events. biography Biography is a book used to write stories from the first life until now. Or it could be the beginning of life to death. Most of these biographies were recorded and circulated in remembrance of past eras.

There are also many who want to buy this form of Biography Book. Because the biography has the knowledge and knowledge to mark people and take life lessons that can be taken. Comic Comics are books that contain patterned stories. Normally, comics are owned by well-known bookstores. And most of these comics have different characteristics because almost all of them use images for the story. From that picture, a story exists.

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